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It’s disheartening to see that personal growth today is dominated by NEW AGE and psychobabble.

Apparently, the way to grow spiritually, emotionally and in relationships is to walk around telling yourself how wonderful you are, and dabbling with every ooey-gooey, feel-good, useless New Age time wasting trick.

It shows the age we are in when personal development is not encapsulated in words like serving, humility, study, forgiveness and personal responsibility.  Those aren’t sexy, easy or popular, are they?

Personal development is NOT the process of make me feel good about myself gimmicks like positive self-talk and laws of attraction. Real personal development is loving others, serving them, taking 100% responsiblity for your life/mistakes/choices, educating yourself, and building relationships where you focus on what’s in it for THEM (know that the byproduct of that is what is in it for you).

I know most people simply won’t understand this next comment, but real personal growth is not about US. It’s about how much of our life we pour into others, giving away our life for others.  That is where real growth occurs, not by being self-focused.[TIPJAR]

The trend to today in personal development, pscyhology, therapy, support groups, coaching, mentoring, etc is to encourage people to be SELF oriented: self-esteem, self-focus, self-concern, self-improvement. Instead of personal growth, you get personal obsession and selfishness: always thinking about ME.

That’s not real personal growth or development. All aspects of your life and self improvement need to be geared towards your contribution to humanity – what you do to edify and improve the life of others – before you can begin to experience real growth and development.

It is only in NOT focusing SELF, that we truly improve Self.

What are your questions about personal development?