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Here’s some suggestions on way to save money which helps us with goal number three: reducing expenses.

A Deep Freeze

A freezer full of frozen vegetables, bulk prepared meals and left-overs uses very little electricity because its full of frozen food, and rarely changes temperature. It’s a great way to save by buying bulk meats and veggies.


Programmable thermostats that allow you set a room temperature benefit from cool nights when windows can allow the breeze to cool a room during the warm months.

Combining Trips[TIPJAR]

With gas prices going haywire, it now pays to plan trips carefully. We live about 20 miles away from any real shopping areas, so it now costs us $10 every time we want to "run to town". Turning several casual trips into one can save $20-40/week, or about $100/month… not exactly chump change.

Left Overs

Gas goes up, food prices go up. Being more diligent and creative with left overs can make a significant impact on your food budget. Cooking batches of meats (hamburger, sausage, chicken, etc) then freezing for later use can save both time and money.

Old Fashioned Fun

Reading, going for walks, rocking on the porch, doing crafts… old fashioned fun saves lots of money over movies, dining out and shopping, AND it’s a lot more healthy for your family (physically and spiritually).

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