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Ezekiel 22:30 – I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.

I don’t often use material from other writers or teachers. Too often, people just compile and quote what other people have thought of, struggled with, prayed over and put forth the effort of authoring. So my personal policy is to do the hard work of writing my own material, and not just quote and re-quote other people.

However, once in a while, something I read is so good, so powerful, so relevant and so worth repeating, that I can’t help but want to share it with you. Here is something written about 50 years ago that could have been penned yesterday:

If Christianity is to receive a rejuvenation, it must be by other means than any now being used. If the Church in the second half of this century is to recover from the injuries she suffered in the first half, there must appear a new type of preacher. The proper, ruler-of-the-synagogue type will never do. Neither will the priestly type of man who carries out his duties, takes his pay and asks no questions, nor the smooth-talking pastoral type who knows how to make the Christian religion acceptable to everyone. All these have been tried and found wanting.

Another kind of religious leader must arise among us. He must be of the old prophet type, a man who has seen visions of God and has heard a voice from the Throne. When he comes (and I pray God there will be not one but many), he will stand in flat contradiction to everything our smirking, smooth civilization holds dear. He will contradict, denounce and protest in the name of God and will earn the hatred and opposition of a large segment of Christendom. Such a man is likely to be lean, rugged, blunt-spoken and a little bit angry with the world. He will love Christ and the souls of men to the point of willingness to die for the glory of the One and the salvation of the other. But he will fear nothing that breathes with mortal breath. (A. W. Tozer, The Size of the Soul, 128-129; emphasis mine)

Tozer lived in the 1940’s and yet from his words, we would think he was writing in response to the likes of today’s Schuller, Osteen, Copeland, Bentley, Hinn or the leadership of mainline Protestant denominations. Sometimes we think the problems we see in the Church today are new, when in fact, they are the same old recycled heresies, apostasies, compromises and problems that raised their ugly heads before the New Testament was even completed.

I would take Tozer’s thoughts one step further. I don’t think it’s just “PREACHERS of a new type” that are needed. I think it is fathers, mothers, teachers and leaders of a new type that are needed. We need rugged fathers who love Christ and do not fear political correctness. We need teachers who love the souls of men and aren’t afraid to earn the hatred of the Establishment. We need mothers who disdain appealing humanism, and will not flinch in the face of worldly criticism.

We need leaders in all areas who are rugged, blunt-spoken and a little bit angry (ie. discontent, unhappy about) with not only a rapidly declining world morality, but with a Church and Christianity gone soft with compromise, materialism and ear-tickling.

Will you be that leader in your own life? Will you be that leader for your family? Will you be that leader for your Christian brethren? Will you be that leader for the sake of saving souls?

Lord God, Help us to be the new type of people needed to rejuvenate Christianity. Help us to love Jesus, love lost souls, and fear no man. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

James 1:22 – But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. (NKJV)
  1. What is the most obvious Bible truth you have learned today?
  2. What change in your life needs to be made concerning this truth?
  3. What specific thing will you do today to begin that change?