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James 1:2-3 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. (NKJV)

As servants we are going to experience troubles in this life. The Master was persecuted and crucified because He stood against the world and exposed their wickedness for what it was. Because we represent Him, and we live by and proclaim the same truths that He did, we too will face troubles in this life.

As well, we will face trials and suffering simply because we live in sin-cursed world where wickedness runs loose trampling both the good and the evil (Matt 5.45). For the world, troubles and difficulties are something to be avoided at all costs, and ended as quickly as possible when they do occur. For the servant of Christ, we understand that God has purpose and meaning in suffering and will use it to bring about the very best for our life (Rom 8.28). Not that we need to go out and seek out suffering. If you have a heartbeat, suffering will come your way inevitably.
What are some practical benefits of troubles and trials? We learn to better understand and minister to others who are suffering. Our spiritual and emotional strength is increased. It allows us to be clearly reminded what sin has done to God’s creation. It allows us to see tangible proof that our faith in God is genuine.
We have the opportunity to see our Loving God care for us and bring us through the dark times. Suffering keeps our mind on heaven and helps us remember not to get too attached to this world. There are many more reasons, too much to cover here.
Have you ever stopped to consider that your trials and hardships are precious and beneficial? Or do you simply seek to avoid suffering if at all possible? Is your first thought to end troubles as quickly as possible when they do occur?
Do you have God’s mindset about tough times in this life? Or the world’s?
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