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A prayer for a true and pure practice of faith

Most Almighty God,

I don’t care if I’m rich or great, as long as I am what You want me to be.

Let me counted among the spiritually blessed.

Help me to have a single, intense and fervent concern to receive from You the blessings which

Are spiritual in essence

Eternal in nature

And most satisfying to the soul.

Keep me from thinking too highly of myself either as a whole, or in any small part of my character.

Help me to pay attention to my motives as well as my actions.

Help me to learn to know the difference between my feelings and opinion versus the conviction and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Empower me to never base my faith or belief on popular opinion or fads,

But on a constant search for the Truth in Your Word.

Help me to keep my heart right with You, and continually transform my life to be like Christ.

Help to me to see heaven as real, and not get too comfortable or attached to this world.

Lord, please give me all the protection, direction, defense and care that I need to finish the course well;

And give me a mind that is fixed on You every moment of the day.

Fill me with the Holy Spirit,

Make me ready for every thing that you need me to do.

May I love you with all my heart for your tender mercies;

May I submit to your will in every trial and suffering;

May I trust you during the dark days,

And have peace in the storms of life.

Lord, help me to believe; help my unbelief and forgive me when I doubt.

May this day be solely dedicated to You.

In Jesus precious name,