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From Brent:

I have been friends with Author/Pastor John Barnett going on a decade, and I have seen him LIVE exactly what he writes about and teaches. You could not wish for a better or more consistent example of a Godly man who walks out what he preaches each and every day.

If you like my teaching, you will LOVE Pastor John’s. His knowledge and practical application are unrivaled. His ability to weave the experience of every day life into the truth of Scripture make his teaching relevant and powerful.

Remember, I’m not getting any money or favors for recommending this book to you. I could have, but that would have left a question about my motives or sincerity. The link below goes straight to Pastor John’s website where you can purchase it. All proceeds go straight to his ministry effort to teach God’s Word in a faithful and uncompromising manner.

Christmas is coming. I cannot suggest to you any better idea for giving gifts this year than for you to buy a couple dozen of these wonderful, life-changing books and give them to all your married friends, Sunday school classes and family members. It would be a GREAT witnessing gift to give to your neighbors and co-workers. It will be one of the best gifts you’ve ever given!

I cannot recommend a book (other than the Bible itself!) more enthusiastically! We’ve got enough “stuff” – this holiday season, buy some gifts that will truly matter to someone eternally…

Psalms 119.33

The JOY of a Word Filled Family
By Pastor John Barnett

When we have a Word-filled life it means that we are:

  • inviting God to speak;
  • seeking His guidance;
  • seeking divine help, godly wisdom, supernatural involvement;
  • and cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

This amounts to plugging in the power for life, using the map God has provided, following the directions in His Book, and listening to the instructions He has left us for daily living. A Word-filled life is inviting God to speak; welcoming His help; seeking His input; wanting His advice; getting His help; showing we honor Him; partnering with God in parenting; and unleashing Him into every corner of our lives.

This reminds us that our marriages and families will grow either our way (without His Word), or God’s way (with His Spirit empowered Scriptures). We must start each day seeking to be emptied of self, with His Word read, our God sought, and His Spirit invited… to work in us so that Christ is honored.

What are the results of a Word-filled life and home?
This book is arranged around the answers to that question. God’s Word tells us these four wonderful truths for those who allow the Scriptures to permeate their lives.

  • Part One: There is no greater reward than a Word-filled life (1 Thessalonians 2:19-20).
  • Part Two: There is no greater partnership than a Word-filled marriage (1 Peter 3:1-7).
  • Part Three: There is no greater joy than a Word-filled family (3 John 4).
  • Part Four: There is no greater power than Word-filled prayers (James 4:2b).

My authority for writing this book on the family is not personal experience—even though I am a pastor, the husband of a fantastic and beautiful wife, and the father of eight wonderful children. Because experiences always differ, they must never be the foundation for we believe.

Rather, my authority is the God of the Word, and the scriptural instructions He has provided for having a marriage as He designed it to be, building a family, and shaping a godly, joy-filled home.

This entire book represents a challenge to get serious with the Lord, to unreservedly surrender to Christ and His Word—for His sake, and that of His precious heritage (Psalm 127:3). You will find in doing so no greater joy than to see your children walk in truth (3 John 4)!

If you’ll stay with me, between the covers of this book you will be both instructed and challenged with the Scriptures. And, by God’s grace, you will be drawn to desire a Word-Filled Life as a man or a woman, a Word-Filled Marriage as a husband or wife, a Word-Filled Family as a father or mother, and a Word-Filled Prayer Life as a couple in oneness of heart and mind.

It is my deepest prayer that you will choose to renew, restart, or begin for the first time, letting the Word of God utterly fill your life! Pastor John Barnett

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