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What did you specifically and purposefully do today to take a step towards your personal, spiritual, relational and business goals?

What do you have planned for tomorrow?

You cannot live life shooting from the hip if you want to have ANY success in any area. 99% of people just slug through life letting life happen to them every day and reacting to it.

That’s also why 99% of the people you know are discontent, unhappy, dissatisfied and wish their life was different. People think life owes them success, happiness and growth. It doesn’t.

Contentment, happiness and satisfaction are NOT reserved for the END when you finally reach some degree of maturity or success. Contentment comes with knowing you took a step in the right direction today. Happiness is knowing that you are heading in the right direction. Satisfaction is knowing that as long as you keep taking steps in the right direction, you’ll get where you are headed.

Did you catch that? You’ll end up wherever you are headed.

Personally, spiritually, professionally, relationally or financially… you’ll end up whever you are headed.  Do you know which way you are headed? Are you headed their on purpose, or are you just wandering around.

If you don’t know where you are headed, don’t gripe when you get there. If you know where you WANT to go, then the only way to get there is to take steps in that direction. Period. No shortcuts, no gimmicks, no easy road.

Know where you want to end up. Take steps in that direction EVERY day, even if it’s only one small step.

Then enjoy the satisfaction and contentment that comes with knowing you are on the right track.