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God bless Colt McCoy!

I was thrilled at Colt McCoy’s comments after the national championship game.

Asked about how bad he felt for missing the game due to injury he said “God is in control. I don’t question what happens. I accept it as His will.” (paraphrase)  Would that all Christians show the spiritual maturity this  young man displayed in the face of tremendous disappointment. He played his entire college career to reach the national championship  in his last collegiate contest, only to be injured in the 1st quarter.

In contrast, the other team just talked about how good they were and how much they deserved the victory for all they did.   The difference in spirituality and worldview was extraordinarily opposite.

Christian Hymn Desecrated

I saw a commercial on TV that SICKENED me. The song “Amazing Grace”, that great Christian treasure, was being used as a teaser jingle for the series “LOST”  (…I once was lost but now am found…).

It sounded like Willie Nelson singing. What sacrilegious and despicable use of this song about salvation, promoting a worldly and often immoral/unBiblical TV show.  I’ve noticed this trend during Christmas too… using Christian songs, phrases and traditional things to promote beer, football and commercialism.

Schindler’s List

I was watching Schindler’s List and realized that it is no longer “sensationalist” to wonder when Christian and Jews in America will be targeted and blamed.

It Was Free!

It is an encapsulation of America when we see all these commercials about “you deserve this, and it’s FREE!” talking about something that taxpayers provide. First, it is a lie to say it’s FREE, it’s not. And second, since when does one person DESERVE something FREE that another person had to work for and give up their wages for (taxes)?

Speaking of That…

Along those lines, all these commercials by lawyers basically saying “if you’ve had ANY kind of accident, ANY, you deserve money”.  Really? Then there is no such thing as an accident.  I agree that negligence and criminal intention should be punished but an ACCIDENT is an ACCIDENT.  Why do you DESERVE money because of an accident? Accidents are part of life.  You don’t deserve money necessarily and lawyers are playing on YOUR GREED.

It wasn’t YOUR fault but it wasn’t the other persons fault either. It was an ACCIDENT. Why do they DESERVE to have their life ruined because of an accident?

On the flip side, we should be willing to help and shoulder some burden if someone suffers an accident we are part of.    Perhaps America is too far down the road to even understand any of this.