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Steps Not Leaps

When you want to go somewhere, accomplish something or get from point A to point B, what do you do?

You walk. Take the first step. Then you take another step, and another and another. And when you feel like quitting because the road is long, what is the answer? Take another step. And another. Even if we don’t feel like it, even if we don’t understand it, we realize that the answer is always to simply take another step.

Why then do we think the spiritual walk is different? People want quick fixes, quantum leaps and jumps across mountain tops. I often see people who SPIRITUALLY want to be 10 miles down the road when what they really need to do is take the next step. Where are you at today? Just take the next step and quit wanting shortcuts, secrets, quick fixes and leaps.

Did God Get It Backwards?

Have you ever wondered why God did it backwards? As soon as we are old enough to have a little wisdom and maturity. Our body and mind begins to break down. Don’t you think God should have pulled a “Benjamin Button” and we should age backwards?

Sounds good on the surface but of course God knew exactly what He was doing. God uses this life to get our heart, mind, emotions, spirit, and maturity prepared to spend an eternity with Him. We will get a new body, an immortal perfect body. So God allows this current sack of sin to wear out as He prepares us to come live with Him.

God does nothing “backwards” unless you compare it to human wisdom then it’s all backwards.

Evil People Are All the Same

Have you ever noticed that evil people all use the same techniques no matter how powerful or insignificant they are? They will lie, obfuscate, distort, change the rules, ignore the rules, do what ever they please. Then they will accuse you of doing all the evil things that they do so as to further confuse any outside observer about who is really doing wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether it is your next door neighbor, coworker, a powerful CEO, or a national world leader, and ex spouse, they all use the same techniques.

Credit Card Insanity

What about these constant credit card commercials telling people they DESERVE to get their credit card debt cut in half and paid off by us responsible people (disguised by the term “government program”)?

Let me see if I get this right. Those of us who have sacrificed, done without, and been financially responsible are punished with high taxes (and get absolutely no breaks) while people who are irresponsible with credit and their finances get welfare to reduce their credit debt…. so they can simply go out and repeat the process. Now that’s economic stimulus you can believe in…

Not only is that unfair, it is actually a stupid policy for the economy. We are reporting the irresponsible and punishing those who actually build the economy for all of us.

America, how’s that working out for you?