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Matthew 25:21 – His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’ (NKJV)

Our days are numbered, and short. Never let another human turn your eye from what counts for eternity. Keeping an eye on eternity is what helps us stay joyful, hopeful, secure and sane (in this insane world) no matter what other people do to us, say to us or what happens to us. Remind yourself that the PRIMARY thing that really really matters in life is to hear the words “well done” by Jesus Himself, the day you meet him.

If we measure all our decisions, all our goals, our behavior, words and all our choices through the “well done faithful servant” filter, then not only is it a worthy and accurate compass for our life, it is also the guarantee that neither Satan, family or foe can steal our joy or sway us from our path.

Eternal perspective… it’s the bedrock of joy, spiritual maturity and perseverance. What will it mean for eternity? That is a question we should ask ourselves many times each and every day.

  • How many bad decisions could be avoided if we ask ourselves: will this count for eternity?
  • How many regretful words would never be uttered if we first pondered: will this conversation or statement result in a “well done” by Jesus?
  • How many days of robbed joy could be avoided if we meditate on our eternal reward and life in heaven?
  • How much bitterness and resentment (towards those who hurt us) would melt away if we considered: eternity is just a breath away.
  • How much time would be used Jesus’ sake instead of wasted if we measured it in terms of “eternal productivity”?

How would your life change today if you were to begin to ask yourself at each step, each moment, each breath: what will this count for in eternity (eternal perspective)? Will my Savior say “WELL DONE!” as He watches me invest this day He has given me?

Learn to live with an eternal perspective. No matter how hard this life is, eternal perspective helps us stay focused, secure, confident, patient and JOYFUL.