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I’ve been rebuking (and getting roundly criticized) the whole INDUSTRY of “ADHD”, syndromes for everything, behavioral modification pharmaceuticals and the ridiculous over diagnosing of this junk by schools, doctors and parents for years. There is a huge profit juggernaut both in drugs and so-called psychotherapy.  They get to make up their own illnesses, create their own treatment, and sell their own drugs to fix it all.  Wow, what a deal… no conflict of interest there.

Parents need to wake up and stop thinking pills and “therapy” are better, or replacements, for parenting (I’ll get some emails for that one!!)

It’s interesting to note that the Bible says in the last days that “witchcraft” will be prevalent. The Greek word for “witchcraft” is “pharmakeia” which is our word for pharmaceuticals. In other words… drug use. We often only think of illegal drugs as “drug use” but who can deny that as a whole, our society is addicted to fixing everything with a pill?  Just because it’s a pretty pill you can buy over the counter or get from a doctor doesn’t means it’s not “drug use”.

No, I’m not saying all medicine is bad. I’m saying the Bible is right that “drug use” would get out of control and socially accepted as we near the end of days.

More than a half-million children in the U.S. take antipsychotic medicines and (reported The New York Times in September) “(e)ven the most reluctant (doctors) encounter a marketing juggernaut that has made antipsychotics the nation’s top-selling class of drugs by revenue, $14.6 billion last year, with prominent promotions aimed at treating children.” In one psychiatrist’s waiting room, observed the Times reporter, “(C)hildren played with Legos stamped with the word Risperdal” (an antipsychotic made by Johnson & Johnson). (The company, which recently lost its patent on the drug, said it has stopped handing out the toys — which it insisted were not toys at all but advertising reminders for doctors.) [New York Times, 9-2-10]