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I’ve been rewriting Puritan and other old prayers into modern English, and putting my own feel in them, for several years. One of these days, I’ll compile them and print them.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Sovereign God,

May Your causes, not mine, consume my heart and mind.
I’m asking You God, begging You, let Your Kingdom take over every place where Satan has taken charge.

Bring glory to Yourself and I will be full of joy.
Let seeing You honored be my sole desire.

I honor You simply because You are God and may I long for others
To know the same,  feel the same and experience the same.

I wish all people would love You and praise You so that You would be glorified by every single person in this world!
Let all the sinners of the world turn to You for the glory of Your name.

In our eyes it seems to be quite impossible that anyone would repent and turn to You,
but nothing is impossible for You.
It is Your plan and will that men be saved, and so they shall.

Lord, use me in any way You see fit but I hope it is in some way that will cause others to be drawn to You.
Let your Kingdom come and all Your plans be fulfilled on this earth!

I earnestly pray that great numbers of people will turn to You, Lord,
And I hope I live long enough to see that glorious day!

Give me eyes to see the multitudes of lost souls and the willingness to die to see them saved.
While I have breath, let me live to labor for lost souls to the utmost of my ability,
Using my time wisely and productively for Your work.

Let me long for Your Kingdom and Your will, not my own.
Oh God, please grant me this request!

In Jesus  name, Amen.