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The Inclusive Gospel

Very interesting how Ted Haggard has become CNN’s go-to boy for commentary on gay Christianity. I was watching him debate another gay “Christian” on CNN this morning. Their debate? The other guy was arguing for a “Gospel that is inclusive”, and Ted was arguing that the Gospel is the Gospel but we all interpret it differently (or some such wishy washy nonsense that even I had trouble discerning).

Inclusive Gospel? It is inclusive… on God’s terms. Do it His way, and you are included.  But it’s not inclusive in the way this gay “Christian” was pontificating: that we should accept any and all forms of “Christianity”, specifically, we shouldn’t be “homophobic” Christians. We should accept as normal and Godly any Christian who wants to practice homosexuality or homosexual marriage.

Let me be clear here: a homosexual is included in Christianity the way any other sinner is included… by repenting of their sin, turning from it, and being saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Liar, thief, adulterer, cheat, gossip, glutton or homosexual… we all have equal access to Christianity ON GOD’s TERMS!

Ted was at one time a leading Bible evangelical until he “discovered” God really doesn’t mean what He plainly says on the topic and being gay is just a step in your journey from “glory to glory to glory”.

A few years ago after his gay trysts were exposed, Haggard was the ridiculed punching bag of the liberal news channels. Ted now says he “doesn’t judge people anymore” and CNN is all too willing to let him be the voice of Christianity (CNN is always willing to let Christians on their shows as long as they aren’t Bible believing Christians).

Where Ted’s declaration of “non-judging” goes wrong is 1) yes, he does “judge” people… everyone makes judgments about people every single day on all sorts of levels. Even if you are judging everyone as “okay” you are judging; 2) Ted is rejecting the fact that GOD has “judged” homosexuality as a sin, and so must we. We cannot allow political correctness or social pressure to cause us to shy away from calling sin what God has called sin.

People like Haggard and singer Ray Boltz are eroding the Gospel by running around trying to change what God clearly says about a sin just because they find themselves caught up in that sin.  On the other hand, genuine Christians should not treat homosexuality sin as worse than any other sin in light of salvation. Sin is sin… any sin has the same result: eternal separation from God.

They Are ALL So Judgmental

I’m standing in line at a restaurant in the airport. In front of me is this guy from New York going on and on about how he doesn’t like the Midwest.  “People from the Midwest are ALL so judgmental. Everything to them boils down to what the ‘Big Guy’ or the great ‘JC’ says about something. It’s like stepping into the dark ages when I go there. They are so regressed and narrow minded. Everyone judges you if you don’t believe like them. They are all so judgmental about everything. They aren’t open minded about anything. They judge everyone…”  Of course this was said with the appropriate smug air of moral and intellectual superiority. It was all I could do to hold my tongue which was BEGGING me to let go with “you’re an idiot”.

Tell me please… what is the most obvious thing wrong with his diatribe? [insert Jeopardy countdown jingle music here]

Do you ever just laugh at how hypocritical this kind of commentary is? Why is it hypocritical? BECAUSE IT IS PURELY A JUDGMENT OF OTHERS! The entire dialog is one great big JUDGMENT about others being judgmental. Every word this guy spoke was a stereotyping, intolerant, close-minded, judgmental proclamation of an entire group of people.

Next time you hear someone saying something about others being “judgmental” ask them: aren’t you judging them by calling them judgmental? What makes you any different?

The truth is, those who are most vocal about “not judging” are themselves the most judgmental, intolerant people on the planet. They will not accept, consider or tolerate anyone who dares judge anything about their actions or beliefs while roundly condemning and judging them for doing so.

Don’t be intimidated by people like that. Just ask them “aren’t you judging them by calling them judgmental?” It’s quite a lot of fun watching them squirm to come up with an answer. “Oh, it’s not the same thing, I’m not judgmental” they will usually say.  Oh yes friend, you are.

Yeah, That Makes Sense

I hate political correctness. I’m going through security at the airport and they’ve pulled two people out of line to do an extended security check. The first is about a 19 year old male; a clean cut kid fresh out of Marine bootcamp in uniform, and the other is a little old gray haired lady.  They made the soldier take off his uniform shirt and dump his duffle bag so they could search him. They patted down the seasoned citizen from top to bottom.

Meanwhile, persons who fit the description of 98% of today’s terrorists are not chosen no doubt because of the fear of “profiling” which is probably the MOST STUPID policy a country can have. If 98% of all the people in the world who blow up, behead and kill other people are illiterate, green haired, three legged, cross dressers… why wouldn’t you specifically target Texas Aggies for extra security? (Go Sooners!) That’s not discrimination; it’s common sense. But not in America.

To show how tolerant and sensitive we are, we do security checks on 12 year old kids with their parents, American soldiers and senior citizens while waving “hi” to the 30 year old Middle Eastern male carrying a backpack, wearing a large loose jacket with a ticking sound clearly audible from both.  Now, I know I’m going to hear from all my Muslim and politically correct readers about how discriminatory and prejudiced I”m being but you know what folks? When the possible outcome of ignoring this reality is the death of my family, country or myself, I really don’t care if you think I’m discriminating.  It doesn’t change that fact that 98% of the world’s terrorists fits a single physical and ethnic profile. So there’s a 98% chance that if someone in line at the airport is here to blow up a plane, there’s less than a 2% chance it’s the Aggie (unless they are boarding a plane in Norman after a loss at OU).

Seriously, I did find it curious they made the soldier dude remove his uniform jacket to search him while across the aisle they refused to have a Muslim woman remove her head scarf even though it was loose enough to hide a claymore mine under.

Political correctness may kill us all some day.