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You know what… I’m getting kind of tired of the American entertainment, marketing and political culture where “men are insensitive idiots who are always out-classed, out-performed and out-thought by women”.

I’m not saying the opposite is true at all. I’m saying I’m sick of this politically correct garbage, especially in marketing and entertainment where it’s okay to make males look ignorant, clueless, silly, insensitive, greedy or any other negative trait while every other group, especially women are off limits.

I’m a man. I’m proud of it. I’m the leader of my family, a good husband to my wife, a good father to my kids. I work hard. I educate myself. I have common sense, courage and sensitivity. I know countless other males who are exactly the same.

I’m fed up with all the feminist driven, politically correct advertisements and sitcoms that make men (especially fathers and husbands; cool, good looking single guys catch a break) look like idiots, dolts, and incompetent fools while there’s always a woman standing near rolling her eyes, crossing her arms or giving him a look like “I told you so”. Just watch commercials. You’ll see a guy attempting to make something, fix something, say something, come up with something, or discuss something and the whole point is that they are idiots and the woman knows it.

No matter the topic of the commercial the man will range from semi-stupid to a complete blithering idiot while there is a wife, a good looking bartender, a girlfriend or a group of women standing there with some sort of expression, comment or solution to prove how superior females are. It’s funny on occasion (and obviously true on occasion) but this goes beyond poking a little fun. This is mix of political correctness and feminism. Not convinced? Let’s see someone run commercials about stupid women, fat women or making women look inferior. Let’s see a trend of sitcoms where the wives, girlfriends and mothers are continually made to look ignorant, clueless, superficial and selfish. How long do you think that would last?

This has nothing to do with me thinking that men are smarter than women. There are a heck of a lot of women who are smarter than I am. But you know what? I’m heck of a lot smarter than a whole a lot of women too. It works both ways. That’s the point. This not the occasional poke at the stereotypical faults of one sex… this is the systematic devaluing of males in a politically correct, hyper-feminized culture.

Time for men to stand up and quit bowing to the stereotypes. Time for all you good women out there to hold your man up with respect and esteem and not let the world convince him he’s an idiot. Yes, I know, there ARE some idiots out there. The come in both genders though, trust me.

I’m a man and proud of it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.