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From Brent

If you’ve read our blogs for very long, you know our recommendations to “give” are rare. That is on purpose because we realize there is a never ending stream of blogs every day making appeals.

When I do put something out there for you, I want you to know 1) it’s worth your time to consider, and 2) I’m fully behind it myself.

Giving That Really Makes a Difference and Is Being Used Effectively

People long to give in ways that really make a difference for God’s work with humanity, something they can relate to and personally read about. A lot of giving today is for “more [resources, programs, options, facilities, entertainment, activities…]” for American Christians, and that’s okay because the Church has its work to do here as well.

However, there is something extra special about giving directly to frontline, hardcore, sacrificial ministry… knowing that your dollars are building up extra special heavenly treasure as you invest in ground zero ministry work.

Frontline Hardcore Ministry

For Christians, three of those areas are 1) sharing the Gospel (of course), 2) caring for orphans and 3) helping the poor. Bam, bam, bam… a hat trick of some of the most important ministry work we can either 1) do ourselves, or 2) invest in so that others can do it.

Many of us cannot or aren’t called to do this kind of work ourselves but every Christian is called to help in the support of it.

The Todd & Amy Block family (Building the Blocks) are pulling up roots and going to live, work, minister and sacrifice in an orphanage in the mountains of Guatemala. They will share the Gospel, help the poor, raise orphans and minister to spiritually need people.

Pure Spiritual Gold Investment

It is truly FRONT LINE, ground zero Christian ministry of the highest caliber. If you are looking for “pure spiritual gold” to invest in, a sure kingdom investment that will keep paying dividends for all eternity, there’s hardly a greater opportunity than this kind of work. Every penny goes straight to their effort, nothing wasted.

We are long time friends with the Block’s, having traveled to Guatemala together to adopt kids. We can personally vouch for their honesty, integrity and the frugal, integrity-saturated use of every penny you entrust to them for this work.

The Long Haul

We pray you’ll join us in supporting them. One time gifts are great but they aren’t going for a “visit”. They are going to live there and minister for the long haul. I rarely make such a direct appeal, but I encourage you to consider joining our family as we sign up for monthly support of the Block family orphanage ministry in Guatemala.

Caring for orphans, helping the poor, and sharing the Gospel… spiritual silver, diamonds and gold. We may be having an economic recession but the stock market for souls is soaring and open for business.

While we pray for substantial support gifts too, don’t underestimate your small monthly gifts of $10, 20 or 50 bucks. If we could get a couple of hundred folks to give one of those amounts monthly, we could make sure the Blocks don’t have the primary problem most missionaries have: spending most of their time trying to raise support rather than ministering and serving others in God’s name.

I’m going there right now after I post this to sign up our family. Won’t you join us? Click here to donate once or sign up for monthly support.

PS. Feel free to put this blog post on YOUR blog if you want…