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Great and Gracious Savior God,

Your name is love.
By your love, I ask that You hear my prayer.

My sins number more than the sand grains on a beach
but thanks to You, where sin is abundant, grace is more abundant.

Because of Jesus, I can look to the Cross and view the precious price You paid for my sins through Your Son’s shed blood.

I wonder at the Spirit’s never ending intercession for me and hear the whisper in my heart “your sins have been forgiven… take joy… be at peace.”

Grace flows from heaven forever and ever, and Your mercy covers me in ceaseless benefits.

Father, I ask that you help me
cherish the privilege of prayer;
learn to come to you aware of my sin;
find forgiveness in Your presence;
dedicate more time to talk to You;

And to know YOU as
my path of life;
the controller of my tongue;
the light in my eyes;
the music in my soul;
the source of my understanding;
my strength to do all things;
the power to love others;
and the sweetness of all life’s memories.

Help me to pray with wisdom, humility, submissiveness, obedience and in accordance to your Word. Help me to pray like Christ.

Bless me with unwavering faith that never one word of my prayers are ever offered in vain;
So that even when it seems like You aren’t granting what I request, I am receiving an answer far richer than what I could have ever asked for.

You gave me the gift of eternal life through Your only Son even though I didn’t deserve it and I could have never asked…

It is in Him that I trust for all I need.

In Jesus  name, Amen.


This is part of the series of Puritan prayers from the Valley of Vision that I’m rewriting in modern English and in my own style. They are not meant to be exact modern English translations of them but more like a framework that I then put into my own writing style. Sometimes they are very close to the originals, sometimes not.