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Spirit of the Living God,

Help me when I am weak.

When life is crushing me with loads of sorrow or uncertainty;

when I’m confused and don’t know what to do;
when people talk bad about me and mistreat me;
when the weight of my sin presses down on me;
I need your help.

If You see me holding on to any sin;
If there is any evil I take joy in;
If I have any habit that causes You grief;
If there is any wickedness at home in my heart;
I pray for your help and forgiveness,
And ask You to teach me what is right.

Deliver me from worry and anxiety.
Help me to be holy and full of joy.
Help me to bravely and with conviction live a life that is separated from this sin-cursed world.

Teach me to praise you, adore You and glorify You.
Make my life the sweet smell of gratitude for Your mercy.

May I remember that I do not have to crouch at Your feet like a slave cowering before a tyrant;
But rather, I may sit in Your presence as a Son with a wise and loving Father.

Grant me the power and wisdom to do all things with You in mind;
To show myself Your child through the conquering
of my sinful desire to please SELF.

Preserve me from the lure and temptation of materialism and pursuing more and more possessions;
I pray You will get my attention when I am finding my joy in anything not from You.

Guide me, Father, as I continue the race;
Help me not to be focused on whether the path is rough or smooth but whether or not it glorifies You.

My only request is to be shown the face of my Savior each day;
To be content with the enough food to eat, some clothes to wear;
And the joy of being able worship you in peace.

In Jesus  name, Amen.


This is part of the series of Puritan prayers from the Valley of Vision that I’m rewriting in modern English and in my own style. They are not meant to be exact modern English translations of them but more like a framework that I then put into my own writing style. Sometimes they are very close to the originals, sometimes not.