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Glorious God,

My transgressions against Your holiness have filled my whole life;
My sins have been countless and blatant.

My conscience speaks out against me;
My friends know how sinful I am;
I feel guilty around those who really are faithful;
I have been rebuked by God;
God’s mercy inflames my guiltiness.

You have seen my sins and You would be
justified punishing and rejecting me;
Yet, You spare me because You are merciful;
You are gracious to me and help me;
You’ve invited me to fellowship with You.

With gratefulness, I accept Your invitation;
I embrace Your goodness and marvel at Your mercy.

I believe in the luxurious redemption of Jesus;
I appeal to Him for my salvation;
I gladly accept and obey His commandments;
I put my trust in His sacrifice;
I sit in awe of Jesus and pray that His grace
reigns over my life.

Help me not to love sin
which cost Your beloved Son His life;
Help me to hate everything ungodly in my life
which Jesus had to suffer for;
Help me to be bold for my Savior.

Lead me to the cross which brings relief
from my guilt and shame;
Help me to deny my sin-cursed flesh;
Help me to be forgiving and humble;
Help me to be obedient;
Help me to seek only You for all things I need
to live a Godly and pleasing life.

Help me not to be a hypocrite;
Help me to live the Christian life I profess
with my mouth;
Help me to not only hear Your Word
but to live Your Word.

In Jesus name, Amen.


This is part of the series of Puritan prayers from the Valley of Vision that I’m rewriting in modern English and in my own style. They are not meant to be exact modern English translations of them but more like a framework that I then put into my own writing style. Sometimes they are very close to the originals, sometimes not.