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God Almighty,

I don’t want to be numbered with the popular or the worldly successful;
But rather to be counted by You as spiritually blessed.

Make it my high priority and singular focus to obtain the blessings from You which are…

Divine in nature;
Eternal in importance;
Satisfying to the soul.

Protect me from being deceived about my own character either in part or whole.
Help me to pay attention not only to my actions, but to my motives and attitudes.

Help me to never mistake my personal passion or desire for the prompting of the Holy Spirit;
Never to measure faith by feelings, circumstances, impression, impulses or superstitious signs;
But rather teach me to recognize the moving of the Spirit in my life by constant spiritual alertness.

May my heart be right with You and my life a testimony to the Gospel.

Help me to keep my eyes focused on eternity, living in this world as someone just passing through to a better place.

I trust you for all the guidance, protection, provision and comfort required to make the journey You have for me;
Grant me a focused and clear mind.

Most of all, I pray for an abundance of the spirit of Jesus my Savior;

Prepare me for each and every thing You
will have me do;
Let me love as You love;
Let me humble myself to You in all things;
Let me trust You even in the midst of darkness;
Let me be at peace when life is anything but peaceful.

God, I believe.

Help me in my unbelief. Help me when I doubt. Help me when I’m uncertain. Help me.

I know I can do nothing apart from You;
So my constant prayer is always:  help me.

In Jesus  name, Amen.