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Lord God,

Remind me always that true happiness is not found in this sin-cursed world, but only in You.

Keep me from ever thinking that I would be more happy pursuing MY desires when the truth is I can only be happy when I am living first for You.

When I do lose focus and start striving for what the world offers, I pray You would remove any joy from it so that I would return fully to You.

Teach me

if I don’t live my life fully dedicated to You
it will be a life that does not satisfy me.

Help me

to be like the angels who patiently serve,
who come into this world to do Your will,
who do not long for or seek this world,
but whose heart and mind is set in heaven.

Help me to strive to live for You not with my own strength, but to rely on You for assistance and provision for all things.

Teach me every moment of every day that I can do nothing by myself without You.

O God, I know the holy life is no life an unbeliever could ever live but that every Believer is called to live. Let it be my greatest concern then to devote myself fully to You every day of my life.

I pray that You would make me more productive for Your Kingdom and more spiritual for Your Glory;
Because unless You do this for me, I will be useless and aimless in my own strength and striving.

Remind me how precious every moment is and to sorrow when so much time is lost without it being used to glorify You.

I need your help

to become more like Jesus Your Son;
to accomplishment anything worthy;
to be of eternal use in this world;
to be worthy of the Kingdom.

In Jesus  name, Amen.


This is part of the series of Puritan prayers from the Valley of Vision that I’m rewriting in modern English and in my own style. They are not meant to be exact modern English translations of them but more like a framework that I then put into my own writing style. Sometimes they are very close to the originals, sometimes not.