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Jesus Alone

My God,

The common thread in Your Grand Plan,
The chief aim of Your Undeterred Will,
Is to glorify Your Beloved Son on earth
And in heaven where He is now ascended.

One day, all the saved will behold His magnificent glory
And love Him, glorify Him and worship Him forever.

I am only capable of loving Jesus but a little right now;
I long for the day when a full portion will be mine.
Today is just a beginning, a glimpse, a taste,
Of the fullness in Christ that awaits us in eternity.

You have allowed us to see Your Son, to know Him;
Even if through a glass darkly now, we still

Take Him, receive Him;
Hear Him, possess Him;
Worship Him, long for Him.

Out of my love for Jesus let me be disciplined in all the ways of study and worship;
Out of my love for Jesus let me be thankful and full of joy in all circumstances of life.
Out of my love for Jesus let me seek the Father, His Will and His ways,
To daily commit my life to Him
And tell others of Him.

You have taught me to find all my satisfaction, contentment and happiness in Your Son;
Keeping my heart and mind centered on Him constantly;
Acting like Him, speaking like Him, treating others as He would treat them.

I’m not in Heaven yet, O Lord, but this life of loving Jesus has given me a bit of Heaven on Earth.
So that I can continue this way my entire life, I’m in need of Your power, Your guidance, Your patience.

It is my duty and desire to

Act as Jesus acts;
Do as Jesus does;
Live as Jesus lives;
Walk as Jesus walks;
Love as Jesus loves.

Only then is my life worth living. Only then am I worthy of naming Christ.

Only then will I know true peace and purpose.

In Jesus name, Amen.