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Another entry in the book of prayers I’m writing… for however it may bless you today:

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My Journey

Lord of the Journey,

Help me to be a stranger in this world,
Holding the things of this life lightly.

Let me be on a journey to Heaven,
Focusing my gaze on the return of my Savior.

May my life be for You, holding nothing back.
You created me;
You saved me;
You give me purpose;
You own me.

I pray for Your protection from every foe;
I pray you’ll crush every rebellious thought;
I pray you’ll burn away every ungodly passion;
I pray you’ll destroy every fleshly desire in my life.

May every fiber of my being be ignited by Your touch.
Help me to love You with

My whole mind, body and soul;
My spirit, affection and intellect;
My desire, understanding and will.

My God, You are perfection among perfection,
All knowledge and intellect is a gift from You.
May my tiny drops of expression flow from Your unfathomable fountain of ceaseless inspiration.

Compared to Your glory, the sun is a dark nothingness;
Compared to Your beauty, the most beautiful in this universe is a deformed ugliness;
Compared to Your wisdom, the wisest of this world is silly foolishness;
Compared to Your goodness, the most noble of us are counted as weak and evil.

You are worthy of an adoration that I’m incapable of producing; the greatest praise I can offer is dull and vain compared to what You deserve.

I pray You will refresh and energize my love for You,
That in some small way my worship
may be worthy to You,
Rising up to Your dwelling place
and being accepted by You.

Only then will my journey be to Your glory.

In Jesus name, Amen.