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NOTE: For a couple of years I’ve been writing a book of prayers… here’s a new one from today for however it might bless you. Brent

Teach Me

God & Father,

Teach me to know that if Jesus Christ has satisfied all the requirements of your divine justice,
He can easily rescue me from my sinfulness.

Teach me that Jesus doesn’t want to see me living in my own strength and fragile self-confidence,
But rather living fully justified and empowered by
the Spirit to a life of victorious obedience.

Teach me that the Spirit of God and His power are mine because of what Christ accomplished on my behalf;
That the Spirit within me satisfies the Law without.

Teach me to thank You for every moment I go without sinning; And to be humbled for every other.

Teach me to truly understand the awfulness of sin,

That death comes because of sin;
That sin strikes at the heart of God;
That sin caused my Savior’s suffering.

Teach me that a holy life is evidence of genuine salvation; That faith is a sign of truly embracing Jesus.

Teach me that faith is the receipt of your kindness and blessing;
Teach me that faith is obeying Christ and resting securely in Him;
Teach me that faith is clinging to Jesus as if nothing else mattered;
Teach me that faith is seeking all my strength and life from Jesus Christ.

Teach me the vast difference between knowing things by my own reason and intellect,
Versus knowing them through the power of the Spirit and faith.
Teach me that by sight I see “it is so” but by faith “I know that it is”.

Teach me that sight validates my reason while faith amazes and strengthens my spirit.

Teach me to see Jesus and be overwhelmed by Him,
Teach me to fully know that I am His and He is mine.

In Jesus  name, Amen.