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Preached at Straightway Bible Church on January 6th, 2013.  Below you will find the study notes I handed out. It is a message about the authenticity and reliability of Scripture; the importance of trusting the Bible and having confidence in it.

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Here are the study notes:

Basics About the Bible |

  • The Bible IS God’s Word, The Bible is timeless
  • The Bible is accurate and trustworthy
  • The Bible is transcendent

The Bible is a unique book. That uniqueness authenticates it. It consists of 66 books, written by about 40 authors over a period of nearly 1500 years. Yet this book is a completely integrated, harmonious supernaturally delivered message that transcends man yet man was used to write it.

Things that prove the authenticity of Scripture

  • Unity of the Bible
  • Scientific Accuracy
  • Historical & Archeological accuracy
  • Life-Changing Power


The Bible

  • Is Reliable and trustworthy
  • Clearly teaches that Jesus Christ is the Son Of God
  • Makes Jesus the highest authority and infallible on any subject He addresses
  • The definitive nature of Scripture rules out speculation
  • Nothing but the truth
  • The Bible is not a reference or academic book but neither is it a fairy tale
  • Other “holy” books are full of fairy tales, absurdities, provable mistakes, myths and foolishness

The Bible Makes Big Claims You Can’t Ignore

  • 2 Pet 1:3  … all things that pertain to life & godliness, (emotional and spiritual health)
  • 2 Timothy 3:16  ~All Scripture is given by inspiration of God  (useful for many things)
  • Matthew 24:35   …My words will by no means pass away.  (is final and authoritative)

Elements of Scripture: Psalm 119:9–16

  • statutes (God’s regulations and rules)
  • judgments (God’s decisions and laws)
  • testimonies (God’s declarations)
  • precepts (God’s code of conduct)

Example of God’s Signature in Scripture (Gen 5):

  • Adam: man
  • Seth: appointed
  • Enosh: mortal
  • Kenan: sorrow
  • Mahalel: the blessed God
  • Jared: shall come down
  • Enoch: teaching


  • Methusaleh: his death shall bring (it was understood over 400 years of declaring the Flood to the world, that it would come upon Methusaleh’s death;)
  • Lamech: despairing
  • Noah: comfort
“Man is appointed mortal sorrow (the sin curse), but the Blessed God shall come down teaching the His death shal bring rest and comfort to the despairing” – a prophecy about Jesus in Genesis

Application: If the Bible really is authenticate and delivered supernaturally from God, then it should be taken much more seriously, more often and more fully into our lives.

Contemplation: If the Bible really contains words directly from God, why do we neglect it? Why is it “boring”?  Why do often hear “don’t go overboard” when it comes to the Bible? How can we make the Bible more enticing, more interesting, more important to us?  How does the neglect of Scripture affect our Christian life with regards to “Truth”? Evangelizing? Spiritual Power? Discernment? Prayer? Family? Marriage? Community?