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Preached at Straightway Bible Church on Sept 29, 2013.  Below you will find the study notes I handed out. James gives us 13 tests of authentic faith and 20 resolutions to help us live the Christian life.

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Here are the study notes:

James – Thirteen Tests & Twenty Resolutions

Brent Riggs –

Thirteen Tests of Living Faith

1.    The test of perseverance and suffering James 1:2-12

2.    The test of blame and temptation James 1:13-18

3.    The test of doing what you hear James 1:19-27

4.    The test of not showing favoritism James 2:1-13

5.    The test of living faith with good works James 2:14-26

6.    The test of controlling your tongue James 3:1-12

7.    The test of godly wisdom and humility James 3:13-18

8.    The test of worldly indulgence James 4:1-12

9.    The test of submitting to God’s sovereignty James 4:13 – 17

10.  The test of patient endurance James 5:1-11

11.  The test of truthfulness and integrity James 5:12

12.  The test of effective prayer James 5:13-18

13.  The test of persevering in the true faith James 5:19-20

Simple outline a summary of James:

Practicing a lifestyle of faith 1:1–2:13

  • Our attitude toward trials
  • Our expectation of God’s aid
  • Our awareness of our identity
  • Our acceptance of responsibility
  • Our responses to others
  • Our standards of behavior
  • Our welcome to others
  • Our calling of love

Living the principles of faith 2:14–25

  • Good works is the product of living faith
  • Taming your tongue  3:1–12
  • Judging rightly 4:11–12
  • Never being presumptuous 4:13–17

Prospects & Promises for Faith  5:1–19

Twenty Practical Resolutions

1.    Resolve to ask God for wisdom & do not doubt (James 1:5-6).

2.    Resolve to understand the situation whether lowly or high (James 1:9-10).

3.    Resolve to not be deceived about the nature and origin of sin (James 1:15-16).

4.    Resolve to be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger (James 1:19).

5.    Resolve to deal with others in a godly and impartial way (James 2:1-4).

6.    Resolve to live righteously and judge mercifully (James 2:12-13).

7.    Resolve to let your life be proof of what you believe (James 2:16).

8.    Resolve to control your tongue which is the most readily available tool you have to either sin or bless (James 3:2).

9.    Resolve to show your Godly wisdom by your good conduct and meekness (James 5:13)

10.  Resolve to avoid quarrels and conflicts and selfish praying (James 4:2-3).

11.  Resolve to never speak evil or believe evil spoken of another (James 4:11).

12.  Resolve to never act as if God doesn’t exist or His will doesn’t matter (James 4:13).

13.  Resolve to never grumble about a Brother but only be compassionate and merciful (James 5:9).

14.  Resolve to speak and act with unquestionable integrity (James 5:12).

15.  Resolve to pray when you suffer; when you are cheerful, sing. (James 5:13).

16.  Resolve to be a source of prayerful strength to those who are discouraged and beat down (James 5:14).

17.  Resolve to freely confess sins and seek forgiveness (James 5:16).

18.  Resolve to not think you have to be a super Christian (James 5:17).

19.  Resolve to lovingly and humbly work to restore a fallen brother (James 5:19-20).