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Romans 5:6 (NKJV) For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.

It is one of the amazing truths of Christianity that God loved us, died for us and reached out to save us even when we didn’t deserve it, couldn’t earn it and absolutely had no strength (ability) to do anything to pay the penalty for our sin against a holy God.

Doesn’t matter if you agree, believe or respond, you have sinned against your Creator, and you WILL be held accountable for it, and justly condemned. That’s the bad news you cannot avoid… no more than you can stand on train tracks with fingers in your ears and eyes closed while ignoring the train about to run you over.  Do so at your own peril. You’ve been put on notice.

The good news is, God paid the penalty for you. God the Son, Jesus Christ, became a man, lived a perfect life, and stepped up to take upon Himself the penalty for sin that every person except Him owes to God. YOUR penalty, and mine, has been paid. It was a free gift that God gave humanity even when humanity in no way deserved it. That is LOVE.

Think It Over: Do you any in way think you deserve God’s favor or deserve your salvation because you are a “good” person? Have you considered you were ungodly and helpless, and Jesus died for you anyway? How thankful are you for that fact?