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1 Timothy 6:6 (NKJV) Now godliness with contentment is great gain.

God promises “great gain” if we are Godly and content. Simple formula, difficult to achieve… not because God made it hard but because we are a very discontent and ungodly people.

GODLINESS: submitting “self” to God. God’s ways, His plans, His purpose, His standards. Not mine.

CONTENTMENT: Being satisfied that God knows what is best and has us right where He wants us at the moment while directing us towards where He wants us to be tomorrow.

The world wants us to be ungodly.  Sin, lust, selfishness, pride – evil is not considered a personal right beyond all judgment.

Our culture wants us to be discontent. Politicians, marketers, Hollywood and business keeps us convinced we are not getting what we deserve (and supporting them will get us there).

GREAT GAIN = Godliness + Contentment.  Simple math.

Think It Over: If you can’t define “Godliness” and “contentment”, or evaluate it in your own life, you have no hope of the great gains God promises from them. If you can define them but they don’t define you… no great gains for you either.  God’s promise is on His terms.