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Psalm 121:7 (NKJV) The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul.

Many people feel all alone. In the midst of co-workers, family events, even big churches… they feel alone.

Sometimes it is self-imposed because they make no effort to reach out to others because they are fearful, or shy, or hurt, or insecure… or maybe they are one of the “takers”: people who always expect from others but never give.

Sometimes people feel alone because they don’t fit. Some life event has put them in an odd category that just doesn’t easily match up with others. In those cases, other people avoid you because its uncomfortable, or they just don’t really know how to be around you. This is common after divorce, cancer, death or losing a job.

Sometimes people are lonely because they are looking for companionship, purpose, meaning and fulfillment in all the wrong people or things.

Loneliness is a by-product of the sin curse. We once had perfect fellowship with God and loneliness did not exist. For those who turn to God on His terms, they will enjoy an eternity where loneliness cannot happen. For those who reject God, an eternity of utter loneliness awaits them.

Think It Over: God never leaves us. If you feel lonely today perhaps you have walked away from Him or turned away from Him. There is only one Person who will never leave you or betray you.