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Psalm 19:1  (NKJV) The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.

Not long ago I was sent a video. In this video was a crowd, clapping and amazed.  On the stage was a row of top designers, engineers, programmers and scientists.

They had built a mechanical bird that resembled a real bird… it flapped it’s wings and moved it’s tail like a real bird.  They launched the bird out to fly over the crowd who cheered in appropriate wonder.

When compared to a real bird, the mechanical bird has only the tiniest fraction of its capabilities and features. The real bird is infinitely more complex, functional and adaptability (even the smartest humans can barely scratch the true complexity and architecture of a living animal).

Rightly so, the team that built the bird received much congratulations and admiration.  What’s puzzling to me is this: it takes a team of the world’s best engineers, programmers and scientists to DESIGN a mechanical bird with only fraction of the beauty and ability of a real bird… and most likely those same scientists, and most of the cheering crowd will adamantly declared the REAL bird just happened by accident over a long period of time, the product of random mutation and chance.

They would laugh at anyone who said their comparatively simplistic project bird just “happened” by random process and time… but condemn others as ignorant and superstitious if they declare a Great Designer (God) created the very birds they modeled their mechanical bird after.

Think It Over: Can anyone said “blind faith”?  Can anyone say “hypocrite”?  This is the foolishness you have to embrace when you foundationally reject the existence of God.  “Our mechanical bird required a team of scientists, engineers and programmers… but real birds just happened by random chance and time (because we don’t dare admit God exists).”  What a shame. Their own incredible work is their own personal proof of God’s existence and they still ignore it.  Just sayin’.