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Proverbs 13:21 (NKJV)  Evil pursues sinners, But to the righteous, good shall be repaid.

NOTE: Every time I write something about a common cultural issue, someone thinks I’m writing this about THEM. This came up in Bible study last week.  I NEVER write things pointed at specific individuals. I have over 400 Bible verses already picked out and were put in an UNCHANGED order a couple of months ago. I just take the next one in line each day. This one came up today. Any coincidental similarities related to any individual I know is just that: coincidental.

In a Bible study recently (spurred by some of our current cultural issues) we discussed how misfortune, crisis and trouble seem to follow certain people. To clarify before I continue, I understand that bad things can happen to ANYONE even if they are doing everything “right”.  Not talking about that.

I’m talking about the person who surrounds themselves with those who are always in personal turmoil; people who have a victim mentality, always blaming others and circumstances for their current woes; people who have an entitlement mentality (versus a mindset of personal responsibility); people who constantly make impulsive, lazy, short term and fleshly decisions then act indignant and surprised when they aren’t rescued by somebody else (those selfish, greedy people just won’t do their fair share!).

We have a culture today of a few people (and still shrinking) who take full responsibility for their life, make sacrifices, practice discipline and live frugally only to accused by the masses of being greedy, uncompassionate, and “lucky”.  That same group then applauds (and votes for) governing powers who will take money from the responsible and reward the irresponsible.  Notice I did not say “the poor”.  The TRULY poor – whose poverty is not because of laziness, foolishness or impulsiveness – deserve to be cared for and helped up.

The lazy, undisciplined and irresponsible do not.  Misfortune hounds them at every step… but it’s never their fault. And someone else should pay for it. Or else.

Personally, I’m pretty sick of it.

Think It Over: If you’re first reaction is to start calling me names (especially those that end with “phobe” or “ist”), mostly likely you are part of the problem.  Take responsibility for your life. Help those who are truly in need (widows, orphans, the sick, the injured… those such as a family where I live who is about to lose a husband and father of five to cancer… those are the people who deserve help).  If you are in the group of “misfortunates” I’m talking about, then here is my advice to you: quit asking for help, take responsibility for your own life, start making sacrificial decisions that will lead you a better life where you can begin to be part of the “help others” community and not the “help me” mob.