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John 1:5 (NKJV) And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

Life can be dark often, and in many ways. Personal circumstances can range from difficult to tragic. The economy can be a big concern. Relationships can be in turmoil. Cultures can deteriorate into increased evil. The ways that the light of life can be dimmed or snuffed out are seemingly endless.

It only takes a little bit of light to brighten things up though. Think about the nature of light. You can be in massive cavern devoid of any light, and single spark or flame will light up much of it, and can be seen from far, far away.  “Life light” is the same way… just a little goes a long way.

The source of light is important to.  Whereas a change of circumstances represents a flicker that quickly and inevitable goes out again, the “light” (hope, blessing, purpose, spiritual clarity, etc) that comes from God is a solar flare in a dark world.  The darkness of an evil world, the darkness of hopelessness, the darkness of hard circumstances… all are dispelled by the life-giving, hope-giving, purpose-giving, strength-giving light of God.

Think It Over: People turn to false religion, human ideas and short-term self-gratification looking for a little light in their life. That’s like trying to fire up wet wood with an old match… like a flashlight with dead batteries. You can’t find real light from the wrong sources. There is only one true source for a powerful, life-giving, darkness dispelling light: Jesus Christ.  That will have NO meaning to you and sound foolish if you’ve never put your faith and hope in Him.