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Romans 12:21 (NKJV) Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

The world is evil and getting worse. It’s open season on Christians. Just today I read that ISIS is raping, torturing and chopping up Christian girls, taking videos of it, and then sending movies and body parts to their family, taunting them.

In America, there is tolerance and patience for all… except Christians. You can say anything you want about them. Hollywood can portray them as hypocrites, perverts, liars and nutcases and win awards for their brave cutting edge work.  From every corner of our culture we are labeled: racists, homophobes, bigots, haters, islamophobes, anti-women, etc.

It’s tempting to respond with a taste of their own medicine.  Sometimes it would just feel good to smack the crud out of some of them wouldn’t it? Don’t misunderstand, if I had to take up arms to protect my family and country, I would with no hesitation.  If I had to pull the trigger to keep one of those ISIS animals from raping my daughter, I’d pull it until I ran out of bullets. But defense of country and protection of family is different from revenge.

As Christians we are never seek revenge, paybacks for personal gratification. That is overcoming evil with EVIL.  No matter the personal discomfort or cost, we need to respond as Christ would respond.  It takes discernment, wisdom and maturity to know what that response is.

Think It Over: It’s ironic that Christians of all people on earth are generally honest, benevolent and good citizens yet if you listen to the media, we are trouble making scoundrels of the worst hypocritical sort.  Our duty is to continue to be good, continue to love, continue to demonstrate the patience and mercy of Christ even when our feelings scream for some retribution.