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“Scriptural Armor” is a series of short devotionals that contain nothing but Bible verses I’ve paraphrased in my own words on a given topic. My goal is to present straight Biblical thought on an relevant Christian subject without commentary. Be sure to look up the verses provided at the end and read from God’s Word directly. Nothing I paraphrase can ever be as good as Scripture. My only goal is to point you to God’s Word ~ Brent


Why do you fear? What happened to your faith? If you call out to the Lord, He will keep you safe and all the evil around you will be quieted.

  • Don’t fear anything in this life.
  • The worse that can happen is your body might perish but no one can harm your eternal soul.
  • Be confident that the Lord is watching over you and He will protect you at all times.
  • God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a strong, healthy mind.
  • There will come a day soon will God will give us eternal rest from all fear.
  • When we lie down there will be no fear only sweet restful sleep.

You do not have to be in bondage to fear because you are an adopted child of the Father. You can boldly believe and declare that the Lord is your Helper… you have nothing to fear from any person, no matter who they are.

  • God is our safety and our strength.
  • He is always present when trouble comes your way.
  • When you pass through the stormy seas of life, God is there.
  • When you walk through the fires of hardship and suffering, God will is there.
  • God sent His Son Jesus to bring us peace, so there is no need for your heart to be troubled or afraid.

The Lord lights your path and has saved you… who or what is there to fear?

  • He gives you strength no matter what; even if an entire army was against you.
  • Why should you be afraid if God is on your side?
  • Neither life or death, angels or demons, the past or future, height or depth… NOTHING can separate you from God’s care and love.

When you walk through the darkest hours of your life there is no need for fear. God is with  you and He will comfort you.


Mark 4:40; Proverbs 1:33; Matthew 10:28; Proverbs 3:25-26; 2Timothy 1:7; Isaiah 14:3; Proverbs 3:24; Romans 8:15; Hebrews 13:6; Psalms 46:1; Isaiah 43:2; John 14:27; Psalms 27:1-3; Romans 8:37-39; Psalms 23

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