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“Scriptural Armor” is a series of short devotionals that contain nothing but Bible verses I’ve paraphrased in my own words on a given topic. My goal is to present straight Biblical thought on an relevant Christian subject without commentary. Be sure to look up the verses provided at the end and read from God’s Word directly. Nothing I paraphrase can ever be as good as Scripture. My only goal is to point you to God’s Word ~ Brent


Where does the destruction in our lives come from? Doesn’t it come from the desire for pleasure that wars in the flesh of each of us? We lust and we just want more. We kill and long for what we don’t have, yet it’s never enough. We don’t have victory over it because we don’t ask God for victory or avail ourselves of His promises.

  • Sometimes we ask but God doesn’t bless us because so often we ask for the wrong reason, just wanting to indulge our selfish desires.
  • We break our covenant with God and treat the world like our “lover”… don’t you know the world is God’s enemy?
  • If you want to remain best friends with the ways of the world, you make God your enemy too.

Everything that makes up the world – lusts of the flesh and of the eyes, and pride – has nothing to do with God. Those are things that belong to the sinful and lustful ways of the world which is going to end someday but if you do God’s will instead, you’ll live forever.

There used to be a rule that said “don’t commit adultery” but Jesus says “if you dwell on another person with lust, you have already committed adultery” because in your heart, you’ve imagined the deed as if it really happened; and God knows that you would go ahead and do it if there was no chance of getting caught, and no consequences.

  • Do not lust after another person in your heart or let them entice you with seductive looks. If you fall for this seduction, it will totally ruin you.
  • People who are ate up with lust look for other people to entrap.
  • Don’t be fooled, you can’t hold fire to your chest and not be burned; You can’t walk on fire and not burn your feet. If you commit sexual sin, you will get burned… there will be dire consequences.

Humble yourself before God and resist lust. Stay near to God in prayer and Bible reading and God will draw close to you. Wash your hands of sinful ways. Be done with them.

Purify your heart and minds of sexual immorality. Don’t pretend to be one kind of person then turn around and live like another.

  • Remember that this world, this life, is temporary. Stay away from lust which wants to conquer you.
  • Obey God, don’t live like you did before God saved you. The God who saved you is pure and holy and demands that you be pure and holy too.
  • Run from the lusts that controlled you when you were young… instead pursue what is right, loving and peaceful alongside others who want to live a pure life.

Sometimes we are foolish and disobedient, giving into our lusts and desire for sinful pleasure but God, in His kindness and love, has come to save us from all that. We can’t do it by ourselves and even though we don’t deserve it, God has given us a new spirit that longs for purity instead of lust, goodness instead of evil.  Jesus was crucified to save us from our sin, so you need to put to death sinful desires and lust.

  • Never say “God tempted me” because God never tempts us to sin. You are filled with the Holy Spirit and there is no reason for you to ever give in to lust.
  • Your flesh wants to indulge lust while the Spirit wants you to deny your sinful desire. It’s a war. You feel like doing the wrong thing but God’s Spirit convicts you.
  • Act like you are dead when it comes to sin but alive when it comes to being Godly.
  • Don’t let lust control your body, giving in to it, acting like you must do whatever you feel like doing.
  • Sin must not rule your life and God’s grace can help you have victory over it.

Learn about Jesus and act like Him. Don’t give lust a chance. Remove everything from your life that brings up the opportunity, ability and desire to lust and be guilty of immorality.

God gave us abundant promises and resources that come with being born again. He always provides a way for us to avoid sin and lust so there is no excuse. We can escape lust and the sinful desires of the flesh when we live by our new nature instead of the old.


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