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John 1:14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

We learn in John 1 from the very first verse some astonishing facts about Jesus.

He was God. He was with God eternally. He created everything. NOTHING was made that He didn’t make, including all creatures of flesh.

Then we find in v.14 that Jesus became the very flesh He Himself had made. Remarkable, mind-boggling, beyond comprehension. God became human. If that doesn’t “wow” you, it should. If that doesn’t “wow” you, ask yourself “why doesn’t it?”

Jesus became a man in every real measure of the word. He grew, He learned, He loved, He had emotions and physical needs. He was one of us. He dwelt among us. He lived a life just like you, just like me. And we beheld His glory.

It’s easier for you and I to see His glory now because we are on the other side of all that His life accomplished. His life of grace. His life of Truth. His life of sacrifice. His life of love.

Your “words” are not you, but they represent the essence of you. God gave us His word in written form, our Bible. The Bible is not “GOD” but it represents all He is. Jesus is not just God’s preserved words, He is the Living Word… all that God represents yes, but actually, literally, truly one in essence and person with the Father. JESUS IS GOD.

Think It Over: The Apostle John wants you to know right from the opening verses who Jesus truly is. He doesn’t wait for you to discover it as you read the book. Read the opening few verses of the Gospel of John. Pause…. Meditate on them. Get a clear picture of Jesus Christ, Son of God… God. Then read the book of John with that understanding. Astonishing.