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I’ve been preaching every Sunday for about 6 years now, as well as teaching and doing “Bible Question and Answer”.  A few years ago I tried to record my messages and put them online but the process of microphones, editing, uploading, storage, etc was just too time consuming to do all myself. Even with my technology background, it was tedious and took too much time.  I have now figured out a way to record myself anytime I speak using only my iPhone, and with one click, instantly upload them and make them available. They are unedited, so I’m not removing any mistakes, or where I may misspeak (which happens occasionally) or any other hiccups in the audio… it’s just the live version.

The Q/A I did today was on women’s roles. I answer the question Biblically, so if you disagree, please respond Biblically. Anytime I mention women, marriage, homosexuality, abortion, etc I get drowned in name calling and personal opinion. I invite disagreement but… I answer the question Biblically, so present your disagreement from Scripture. It doesn’t matter what I think or what you think. It matters what God thinks.

Q/A: Women’s Roles Biblically 

Message: John 1:12-13 Receiving Jesus and Becoming A Child of God