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Thought I would share this because I seem to be explaining it over and over to people lately.

The question (related to what is happening in our country) I get asked routinely is “how can these people act this way? How can they be such hypocrites? How can they really believe what they are saying/doing?” because it is so easy to see that their ideas will destroy our country, are destructive to our peaceful livelihoods, are a relentless torrent of lies, and demonstrate a shameless hypocrisy.

“How can people think/act/talk/live this way?”  There is a Biblical explanation given by the Apostle Paul… (Romans 1:18-31)

  • Paul tells us that individuals and nations who reject God are given over to reprobate (the love of immorality and perversion) and debased minds (the inability to think correctly, a low-quality mind).
  • When you understand this scriptural truth then it no longer puzzles you how people think and talk the way they do (when the Truth obviously escapes them) whether it is your next door neighbor, a family member, a media figure, a celebrity or a politician (and sadly, many who claim to be pastors/teachers/preachers/Christian leaders).
  • They are reprobates with debased minds because* they have rejected the fear and wisdom of God for the desires of the flesh and the wisdom of man.
    • *This is not rhetoric or hyperbole… this is cause and effect. God says “reject me and I’ll give you over to your sin cursed mind”

Learn and be able to explain those two terms: reprobate and debased.  By knowing those, you will be able to recognize and discern behavior and motives in an increasingly wicked and bizarre world, and you will be able to explain it to others who are confounded by what is happening all around us today.

Also remember this simple and profound truth: never be surprised when unbelievers act like what they are… slaves to their sin. Those who reject God cannot act any other way.

Instead of despising them, remember that YOU TOO were once a slave to your sin. Have pity on them and pray God will give them a new spirit, a new heart and new desires (Ezekiel 36:26) just like He did for you.

Jesus is coming soon… are you ready?