About My Sermons

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Disclaimer about my sermons:

When I write blog posts or books, it’s all writing from scratch. However, many (even most) of my sermons or messages begin with me compiling snippets and bits of material from many sources, sometimes a couple a of dozen or more… then I add my own notes, revisions, comments and content.  As I read and study through the week, I just compile everything that catches my attention into a Word document that eventually becomes the sermon or message.

I don’t publish my public messages or sermons in books because I don’t include all the citations and credits. If I use direct quotes, or poetry or similar, I try to include the author.

It is never my intent to plagiarize, and I only post my sermon notes online for the purpose of personal or group study, never to claim it is all original material I have authored. Even though I compile it from many study sources, revise it to fit my message, and add much of my own thoughts, I just want to be careful to never be accused of presenting it as if I authored it from scratch to avoid the appearance of plagiarism.

That being said, you can use my material, original or not, for your own study or sermons and I neither expect nor want credit. All I care about is getting serious truth out to as many people as possible.  But please note, if you publish, especially for profit, anything I’ve written then the proper thing to do is either get my permission and/or give credit. I urge you NOT to publish anything I have categorized as “sermon” or “Sunday message” simply because I do not include citations or credits from the commentaries and study sources I use.