Online Events

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Starting April 1st due to the Chinese Virus situation, I will begin to put all my live sermons, Bible studies, messages and teaching online for our church, small group and anyone else who may wish to view or share them.

The live events will originate in ZOOM according to the schedule below most of the time. Occasionally I may need to record them at other times. You are welcome to join me LIVE at the times listed below, or view the recordings later at your convenience. Below are multiple options to view and participate. If there are notes or handouts, I’ll send those out before the event.


  • Wednesday 7pm – Currently studying Colossians
  • Sunday 10am (Book of John) & 6pm (Book of Revelation)
  • Each event will be 45 minutes (the teaching portion; if people online want to talk afterwards when I’ve stopped recording we can)

To View LIVE Meetings:

Recordings can be viewed any time: – my teaching website (this site)

  • A few minutes after a live teaching has finished, I’ll post the video to this site and it will remain there.

VIMEO – video storage and viewing

  • All the event recordings will be stored here and you can browse the whole collection of videos.
  • You can view or share them from this location at your convenience
  • No special software or app is required.


  • The recording will be saved and stored on my Facebook page, so you can view it at anytime at your convenience.

There will be some bugs and growing pains while I polish all this up and iron it out. I welcome your suggestions and feedback.