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1-13-2014 12-31-34 PM

Intelligent Designer Needed

Okay… so let me see if I understand this correctly.  It takes the smartest technology guys on the planet and hundreds of millions of dollars of research, equipment and design to create a remarkable human-like robot… and even still it is only a clunky and infinitesimally less functional version of the human body…  (see a similar observations here and here)

No Designer Needed

But NO designer or superior intelligence is needed to create the unfathomable complexity and capability of the real human body.  Just random mutations, chance and lots of time… yeah, that makes perfect sense. Talk about about blind faith: “that robot could never exist by RANDOM CHANCE OVER TIME but the human body it attempts to emulate can about by exactly that process.”

Think about it.  You could stumble on to a box of TOOTHPICKS in the middle of a forest, and you would NEVER think “wow… this box of toothpicks evolved over millions of years by chance and here it sits”.  You would immediately think “WHO left these toothpicks out here in the forest because they are obviously the result of intelligent design and process and someone put them here.”  Simple toothpicks in a forest. A box of wood sitting in a forest of wood. Yet we are told to believe that the trees, animals, plants,  the earth, the universe, humans – not to mention the quantum leap to self-aware conscious life – just happened on accident.

Only a blind allegiance to the religion of evolution (and its attending rejection of God) could result in such an illogical and absurd conviction.